Horses and oral sex



Some horses simply don’t care for it, others love it. If he is fully withdrawn you may get him to drop his member by using one finger to lightly trace the opening cleft at the tip of his prepuce. (Make sure your hands aren’t rough any time you are being intimate.) In general, the less erect he is, the more delicate your actions need to be. Thus some horses prefer to be ‘started’ with the tips of the fingers rather than with the whole hand. Slower rhythmic squeezing is generally preferred when he is extended but not erect. Once he is moderately erect you may find that slowly pulling back on the shaft near the head, so as to stretch tight the skin of the head, is effective. The rapid back-and-forth motions so effective on humans and dogs are usually not appreciated by horses. Once fully erect you may try to bring him to completion as described in the How To; Horses. This is harder to do without mare scent, especially if he can’t climb up on something. Horses unable to orgasm on all fours by masturbation alone may sometimes be brought to completion on all fours by orally stimulating the first chakra while you masturbate them.

Blowing him up

For the stallion who has never made physical love with a person, fellatio may be the best introduction. But even that may take a number of attempts before he gets the idea. Sit or recline beside him and press your face gently into his flanks nuzzling through his fur. Exhale slowly against his flesh so that he can feel the warmth of your breath. Repeatedly run your hand down the back of a hind leg from croup to point of hock. Sometimes curling the fingers in so that the tips and nails are all that touch him will help arouse him. If he does not drop his member, use your finger as described in masturbation. Then return to stroking his legs. Nuzzle his flank and stroke his legs until he is well extended. If several attempts at this over several days gets no results then try sucking his teats before you begin this procedure.

Using the tips of your (warm) fingers gently lift the member to your lips and kiss and nibble on him. If this causes him to lose interest (it depends on the horse) then start over, and once he is again extended, grasp the shaft and take him strongly in your mouth and squeeze the shaft rhythmically. If he doesn’t lose interest, kiss and nibble until he is at high excitement, and then take him strongly. The hand not around the shaft should go between his legs so that you can, with some pressure, stroke downward and massage the first chakra, or if he prefers, more gently massage his balls. This, reaching between his legs is possible only if he spreads them apart for you which they often will. Often he will find this activity exciting for only a limited time and will relax before too much is done. Once he relaxes press your face into his side and shoulder, breathing on him, talking to him, and rhythmically working your hands into his fur and flesh. (Note: I once had a Hackney stallion, too large to proceed as below, but who at this point, would often take me in his mouth and bring me to orgasm. He didn’t suck, but worked me with his lips. He was probably one in a million. Don’t try this at home.) Note that a small percentage of horses go absolutely wild when you take them by mouth, even the first time.

You may find it appropriate to repeat the procedure in the paragraph above several times. The objective here is to arouse him to the point of his wanting to mount you. If he has never mounted you, it may be necessary for you to get on your hands and knees and crawl under him. Push your head between his front legs and then rise up enough to take his weight on your back. If he is well trained there is only slight danger of a hoof smacked against your head, but you might consider some head gear during his training phase.

Take a break. Scratch him, kiss, share breath, etc. Sharing breath may be especially exciting to him if the smell of him is on your breath. Turn your bare back side to him. stand with your legs slightly apart and beg him to take you. A lot of stallions really like to be begged, and honest to god they can tell when you mean it. Bend over and back into him. Act provocative. Most likely he will mount without extending. But the act of mounting will put him in the mood. His hooves may be around your sides or he may, depending on your relative sizes, want to put them on either side of your neck. I have gotten a good whack to the side of the head by this on two occasions (very painful but no real damage), so be careful or wear head gear until you and he are adept at it. Once mounted he will likely press his teeth hard against your back, but if he is well trained he won’t bite. What to do next depends on your mutual desires, his size, and your strength and gender.

Fellatio kneeling

You will need to be in good shape to accomplish this. And be sure that the horse does not weigh too much for you. His hooves will be passing in front of your face and over your head while he mounts. So some caution and possibly some head gear might be a good idea until both of you are practiced at this. Kneel in front of your horse and declare your desire for him. Yea, I know they don’t understand the words, but they sure do get the tone of voice. Nuzzle and kiss his neck; kiss, nuzzle, and chew on his ears (an important erogenous zone) and whisper sweet nothings to him; etc. Provoke him into mounting you. Put your head between his front legs. Take some of his weight on your shoulders. If he doesn’t then mount over your head, then, maintaining this position with one arm (this is part hardest on the back), use your free hand to ‘chew’ with your fingers down the back of his front leg to the fetlock. If this doesn’t get him to mount, take a break. Try this again or something else.

Once he has mounted you over your head, he will be off center with your head to one side or the other of his body. You are in a position to take him in your mouth even if he is not extended by squeezing him out of the sheath. Stallions generally find it exciting to be on top, and taking him thus will generally cause him to extend with obvious pleasure and excitement, often punctuated by a delightful series of nickers and squeals. As he extends you will be able to adjust to a more upright kneeling position removing most of his weight from your back while he balances himself over your shoulder. Both of your hands will now be free and you will be able to grasp his shaft in one or both hands. His balls by this time should have retracted fully into the abdominal cavity. While grasping the shaft with one hand use the free hand to cup and massage the base of his member in the area of the now empty scrotum. As he becomes more excited the erectile tissue associated with the glans-penis will engorge. Depending on the particulars of your and his physiologies, you may or may not be able to complete the act. This entire procedure may also be accomplished by squatting and bending instead of kneeling. Or in a one legged kneel. Just use which ever is most comfortable for you.

Fellatio reclining

Get a bale of hay or some other appropriately-sized object and place it next to a post. A bale of hay may need to be placed on its thin side to be high enough. Lie on the bale with your legs around the post. (A cross-piece of some sort on the post at a height comfortable to your legs is generally necessary.) This can also be done on a couch quite effectively. Your neck should be at the edge of the bale or seat of the couch, so your head hangs down. The first few times you try this your horse may need some convincing to mount you thus. During this training phase leave his halter on him so you can tug him up to you until your face is pressed provocatively against his breast. (Once he gets the hang of it you won’t need to use the halter.) Nip appreciatively at his breast to get him to mount. Or slap his breast lightly but provocatively. As he begins his mount, swoop your hands together between his front legs to protect your face and to spread his legs so that as he comes down, his front legs straddle you. The first few times he may try standing on your stomach so be prepared. I must have done this a thousand times in my life and only once have gotten a hoof in my face for it, and no real damage. Be careful though, you might not be so lucky. Once he is on top, his muzzle will be pressed into or close to
your crotch, and his crotch will be in your face. My current horse prefers to mount withdrawn and be sucked to erection. How do I know he prefers this? By the singular and outrageous stream of nickers, squeals and sighs that often accompany his pelvic spasms during the process.

If he is too large for you to complete (you can’t open wide enough), then you may want to try masturbating him from this position. To do this, start by helping him press his crotch in your face so that you can suck his scrotum. (If he is ready for
this the testicles will be withdrawn.) This drives most horses really wild, and reaching forward and taking the front of his glans-penis in your hand while he thrusts should complete him in short order.

If you are not fairly robust, and if he relaxes on top of you, you might not be able to expand your lungs to breathe. Likely you may be able to prod him to take the weight off and keep it off. If not, prod hard enough to make him dismount and give up. Not much else needs to be said here except that the force and volume of ejaculation and you reclining position may pump you a snoot-full. Pre-rinsing your sinuses with a saline solution spray will help prevent sinus infections that may result if, like me, you do a lot of this.

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